Women's Day

As usual, March 8 came and went again. That is, Women’s Day came and went. What is Women’s Day? A day off? Yes! Just a day off from school, college and some offices. This is all I have seen. And one or two satirical and another three or four sensitive statuses uploaded on Facebook and some organizations have also done public awareness programs.

Why Women’s Day is celebrated? I have not seen the answer to the question of why it is celebrated.

It is true that Women’s Day was started in 1909 in New York City for women’s rights and gender equality. But International Women’s Day has been officially launched by the UN since 1977.

Vs. No. It has been started regularly since 2016. To date, we have celebrated 61 Women’s Days. During these years, women’s rights have not yet been fully realized. Again, it is not fair to say that women are not given rights. They have been given rights by the government but they are not getting their rights.

If you look a little further from the capital, many girls are not able to study in the Kathmandu Valley. They are not able to decide their own life. Many families still think that after marrying their daughter, her life will be better. His career is set. The government has given 33 percent space to women. But in our country, which has more population than men, the involvement of women is very low. Voices have been raised for women’s rights and interests, but they have not been able to create an environment in which they can exercise their rights.

Compared to the past, the involvement of women seems to have increased in every field now, but that alone is not enough. Because, this engagement is only in urban areas where all kinds of facilities are available. I have read almost everyone’s thoughts.

Nowadays, many voices have been raised for the rights of women and their rights. There are many awareness programs going on. But most of the voices are heard only in urban areas. And that’s just the limit. Where the masses have already moved forward. They know about women’s rights, entitlements, gender equality. If they can raise their voice, I don’t think the same people should be made aware to move forward and raise their voice.

Until the Women’s Day of 2078, we have to leave this urban area and focus outside. Where the thinking is still divided. The government has given the right, but to understand that right, to use it, if necessary, to give an environment to fight for one’s rights. There are still places in Kathmandu where the thinking has not yet developed.

There is no justification for celebrating Women’s Day unless women outside the city get their rights. Except for one day off. Instead, leave is needed. Women need an environment where they can exercise their rights.

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