After a long lull, life was slowly returning to normal. The work of the office was resumed. Although the situation on the cover seemed to be returning to normal, it was not difficult to predict the future.

Reason: The attitude of the people was exactly the same as the kind of government indifference in the prevention of infection. In such a situation, I was running a diary by becoming a conscious citizen and taking necessary measures for my safety.

That’s when the second wave of covid came. And the healthy names and hungry stomachs caught in this epidemic.

Workers are worried that they will not be paid if they do not work, and that they will have to return home with the disease while working.

I am reminded of the line drawn by those workers who are usually busy with their daily activities and are forced to work daily wages to make ends meet in the evenings and mornings.

These letters, which are seen only in the letters of the book, have to be observed directly with the naked eye today. Under the hut of that small Tripal at the head of the river, a hungry child was screaming and shouting ‘Aiya! Stomach ache, ‘said Nani, turning over in Gundri.

The mother, who went to the house of Janten Mahajan to fetch food to satisfy the hunger of her children, meets the father at the same time in the evening.

Xanthen may have eaten that meal, but how do you eat it during a closed strike? How do you live in a time of lockdown? How are you doing? How to increase immunity?

Is it possible to answer the question so far? Excluded from the political, economic, social, educational and environmental aspects of the region, many of them have been despised and exploited in many areas? How many natural disasters have you faced?

How did the slogan of prosperity and happiness affect you? Who would help in times of calamity? The hope within the tears and the passion within the sweat will keep the lamp of some possibility burning, let the concerned body focus on the heartbreaking parables.

In this situation, the slogan “No one will go hungry, no one will die of hunger” will be meaningful by providing all possible help, harmony, assistance and relief to the workers of the state as soon as possible. In fact, life will be a mountain of challenges and life will be a garden of opportunity.

From the beginning of the Corona epidemic, news came about the impact it has had on various sectors of society. Many ordinary people shed tears in the news. Even then, I kept pressing the letters on the keyboard of the laptop, crying in my heart so that tears would not be seen.

Therefore, let the courage, the problem, the courage to solve the challenges arise in everyone and let the water of hope flow for them from the articles of the constitution.

Namlo, who carries a heavy load to support his life, is now starving. Nepalis will not die of hunger even if they die of disease.

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